Oren Bar-Ilan

Oren has more than 30 years of experience of applied statistics in various areas, including chemical industry, food, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical devices. Oren was involved in numerous regulatory interactions including substitutions and approvals.

His professional career started at a semiconductor company working as a statistical methods manager. In 1996, he founded a consulting and training firm, which provided statistical services to a broad range of industries.

For seven years, Oren has been the head of Global Non-Clinical Statistics at Teva Pharmaceuticals where he managed a team of statisticians responsible for supporting all aspects of pre-clinical (pharmacology and safety) and analytical development of drug products and medical devices.

Oren’s main fields of expertise in statistical methods related to product development and manufacturing including Design of Experiments, capability analysis and Statistical Process Control (SPC), process and product validation, validation of analytical methods , of process and measurement systems, process validation, pharma Quality by Design (QbD) methodology and biostatistics

Oren holds an MA and BA degrees in Statistics from Haifa University.

Anat Sakov

Anat has over 25 years of experience in applied statistics in the industry, consulting, research and teaching. Anat has worked in the areas of pharmaceutical, genetics, service systems, finance, physics and zoology.

For 9 years, Anat worked at Teva Pharmaceuticals in a managing capacity. In her recent role, Anat managed the group of senior statisticians who were responsible for providing statistical support to drug development of all Teva’s branded therapeutic areas. Anat’s responsibilities pertained to all statistical aspects of clinical trials, including many strategic discussions with regulatory agencies with several successful approvals in the US, EU, Canada and other regions. Anat has experience in CNS, respiratory, autoimmune, oncology, pain, psychiatry and biosimilar products.

Anat has extensive teaching experience of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley, Technicon and Tel Aviv University.

Her interdisciplinary approach combines statistical understanding with the practical considerations of the field. Anat has an excellent ability to see the big picture and realize the details at the same time, to lead a project and mentor and communicate statistical concepts to non-statisticians.

Anat’s expertise is on biostatistics, statistical modeling, data simulations, missing data and novel study designs.

Anat holds a PhD in statistics from the University of California at Berkeley, MA in biostatistics from the University of California at Berkeley and BA in applied mathematics from the Technion.

Anat is currently the President of the Israel Statistical Association.


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